Maternity Leave Loan

The maternity leave loan may not be unreachable, applications are assessed individually.

When you have a maternity break, these are the happiest moments in your life. Several years spent at home with children, constant care for them, the joy of growing like water and having a good time. But it is also a time when the family budget is relatively tight and each dollar must be counted. In some cases, a short-term loan is even needed. And don’t worry, nothing is ruled out beforehand. We consider each application entirely individually.

Money within a quarter hour, you can immediately to an ATM

An internet loan is very convenient for women on maternity leave. They do not have to go anywhere from children, take care of babysitters, or take them with them to a branch where they will not be able to entertain themselves meaningfully and will be more angry. This way, you only have to have a mobile phone or tablet at hand, even in this way the online loan can be easily handled. No later than fifteen minutes after the application is approved, money will be credited to your account, so you only need to log into your internet banking or walk to the nearest ATM. Nothing will be delayed, only a small amount of personal data will be sufficient, it will certainly be processed today …

The loan approval is completely individual here

The loan approval is completely individual here

A loan for women on maternity leave is, of course, a matter for discussion. We at SOS Credit provide a similar loan entirely individually, depending on the family relationship and, of course, the applicant’s income. In practice, this means a single, too small family budget income that would entail a ticket to a debt trap actually means that the loan will not be approved. It is in the full interest of the applicant, who will not get into trouble and will have enough time to obtain the money in another way. For example, family or acquaintances can help, but a non-bank loan in these cases will not be the happiest solution.

There is no need to explain the reason

maternity loan

Whether it is the purchase of food or hygiene products, or the payment of half-forgotten money orders, it does not matter at all. In the non-banking sector, it is practically indifferent to what you borrow, the important thing is that everything is repaid in order. Of course, it is absolutely appropriate to calculate everything thoroughly, with the money you have to go out and have a sufficient margin of payment for other unexpected expenses. Alternatively, the partner with whom you live in the same household may apply for a loan. If he has a well-paid job, he has a high chance of approving the application without the slightest delay and delays. A hand loan is also a solution.

The benefits of an internet loan are clear

There’s no need to walk anywhere, no phone calls. You don’t have to be nervous, because a quick loan will come to you – and never the other way around! Of course, mothers on maternity leave have free time, but they spend most of the day looking after children and cannot afford to go to the nearest county town to apply for a loan. That is why it is much easier to apply via the short contact form via the Internet. And what needs to be demonstrated?

  • First and last name, permanent address. We lend to Czech citizens as well as persons who have permanent residence permits in the Czech Republic. So it can really reach every applicant.
  • Receipt confirmation. In this case, therefore, the parent’s acreage or bank statement to confirm receipt. If necessary, we will also assess the income of the whole household.
  • Own bank account. Anywhere in the Czech Republic, or a proven right of disposal to the bank account of a third adult.
  • Debtlessness. In any case, we only lend to those who can afford it. This means that if you already have debts and are a step away from the debt trap, unfortunately we will not be able to satisfy you.

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