Samsung s9 on credit, samsung smartphones on hire

That is why the price of such mobile devices exceeds several hundred euros (popular brands’ smartphones often exceed even 1000 euros). But how to buy this modern phone if its price is too high for most? In addition, the latest, latest models will cost even more than the existing ones.

How do you get on with innovative solutions if the salary is not enough for such purchases? Is it possible to buy a modern smartphone in several payments? That is exactly what we decided to discuss in our article.

Samsung S9 with incredible camera capabilities


Samsung is one of the leading manufacturers of smartphones, but Samsung differs from more expensive electronics brands in terms of affordability. This is not to say that Samsung’s smartphone quality is lagging behind its competitors, but Samsung definitely wins. Samsung’s latest flagship is the fresh Galaxy S9 with incredible new camera capabilities that outperform the human eye in terms of features.

The capabilities of the new Samsung will surprise its owners :

  1. The camera captures precise, bright shots in all weather conditions, as it can ‘adapt’ to the environment much like the human eye.
  2. The usual protection system against dust, dirt and water.
  3. Precise picture, even at night or on a bright day .
  4. Possibility to record slow motion video with added music and highlights.
  5. The screen of the Samsung S9 seems unlimited, thanks to the rounded edges of the smartphone, it does not extend beyond the boundaries of the camera body.
  6. The Samsung S9 has 1.4x more powerful speakers than previous smartphone models.
  7. The owner can unlock the Samsung S9 in one of 6 ways: puppet scanner, face recognition, PIN code, figure, fingerprint.
  8. Create unique personalized emojis that convey your emotions, sounds or emotions. An opportunity to share your personalized emoji on social networks.
  9. Connecting a docking station and monitor to the Samsung S9 allows you to fully imitate your PC .

And yes, such capabilities of the Samsung S9 leave no one indifferent, but how do you find an affordable and transparent source of financing for your smartphone? Here too, the brand has found the answer: credit, of course!

How and Where to Buy on Samsung S9 Credit

How and Where to Buy on Samsung S9 Credit 

Compare and match credit terms on the Samsung S9, first and foremost through online stores. The most optimum and proven option is the Samsung S9 on credit with Tele2. You can see the funding program right away on the operator’s website. The offer is only available to customers with a connection. If you are not already a Tele2 subscriber, you can order any of the available tariff plans:

  1. tariff plan – 1.5 GB;
  2. tariff plan – 5 GB;
  3. tariff plan – No Limit;
  4. tariff plan – Young people;
  5. tariff plan – Seniors.

Note that the seller-operator offers a bargain price for the Samsung S9 in case you want to buy a smartphone right away. This will save you 300 euros (859-559). The price of Samsung S9 already includes VAT, if necessary the buyer can insure the purchase. Repayment period – 24 months with the option of early repayment of the outstanding debt .

Reducing the price immediately by 300 euros makes the monthly loan payment even more affordable: just 21.19 euros. Depending on the selected tariff plan, Tele2 will immediately indicate the amount of the monthly payment that will be charged not only for the new Samsung S9 but also for the communication services.

Key Benefits of Buying Samsung S9 in Tele2 Online Store

  • A loan is a non-interest payment so you don’t pay anything.
  • Delivery of the purchased device in the territory of Latvia is free of charge.
  • If your Samsung S9 doesn’t live up to your expectations, you can return your smartphone within 14 days of receiving it.
  • 2 years warranty.

If you’re an avid fan of innovative technology, you can also choose a cheaper smartphone under the same conditions, but at a lower price:

  1. Samsung 4S – 250 Euro (monthly payment – 10.39 Euro).
  2. Samsung А20е – 169 euros (monthly payment – 6.89 euros).
  3. Samsung А10 – 159 Euro (monthly payment – 5.99 Euro).
  4. Samsung А40 – 239 Euro (monthly payment – 9.19 Euro).

Samsung S9 offers are also available at other online stores, so the next borrower can analyze all existing credit offers with the help of a credit calculator offered by any online store. The main creditors of such stores are third parties – private finance companies , from which it is much easier to get approval than from banks. In order to purchase Samsung S9 on credit, the borrower only has to meet the basic requirements: be of legal age, have permanent residence in the territory of the Republic of Latvia and have a positive credit history.

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