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The financial services we are all less familiar with and offered by banks are somewhat different from the financial services offered by various lending companies. The latter are quite a fresh offering in our market (though they have been around for about ten years), given the banking financial services we are all familiar with.

Offering financial services not offered by banks!

The supply of financial services to credit companies, which is now finally the same in our country as in other, more developed countries of the European Union, is still relatively unknown in our market. Credit companies therefore emphasize that their financial services offer is constantly evolving; and according to what they believe meets the needs of the average client.

Thus, financial companies model the supply of financial services by listening to the market and the needs of the population, so that those who do not want or cannot use the offer of financial services of banks benefit from them. The offer of financial services certainly includes micro-loans online!

Offering financial services as needed by citizens

And while more and more credit institutions are emphasizing how they tailor their financial services offerings to citizens and current trends, not every company offers the same services as others. However, there are a few things that are more or less included in the offer of financial services: so-called sms loans, quick loans, micro loans, quick, non-certified employer loans, online loans and other types of financing that should help to those who need it most…

Much of this, as we noted, differs from one loan company to another, but we will try to list some financial services that are similar to them all in their offer. Most of them give quick cash loans of smaller amounts (around HRK 6,000) with a repayment period of five months or 150 days.

It is also important to note that financial services are short-term in turn, giving the borrower an opportunity to repay quickly and also to re-borrow if needed. Of course, if you used some of the financial services offered by a company (and agreed to repay it on time), in case you need them again, crediting will be even easier and faster.

SMS credit financial service

money loan

Credit companies were the first to introduce SMS financing. The point is to get a loan or a loan as fast as possible, or to kind of “reward” clients who have already used something from their financial services offering; loan or loan; so the second time they can get it by simply sending a text message – without pledges, bank certificates, notaries or employers’ certificates, but also without hidden costs, traps or small letters …

Online financial services offer

money loan

Because they offer credit services through their websites, offering financial services online or online applies to all, new and old customers. This financing service includes fulfilling, but also submitting, a request that decides whether a certain amount of money will be approved to you.

A tablet, pc or any smartphone can be used to offer financial services online. The Internet, just like SMS, is the fastest and safest way to get money within 15 minutes of the delivery of the signed documentation, and the payment is also made exclusively electronically, directly to the client’s current account.

Client privacy guaranteed

Client privacy guaranteed

Thanks to online business, credit companies can run their business completely openly and transparently, with no hidden costs. Therefore, each client is aware in advance of the amount of money he / she returns, that is, the principal and interest. The discreet approach seeks to work with each client individually to give him or her a fair relationship with confidence – a practice that all credit institutions have.

Offering non-bank financial services is constantly expanding and evolving, trying to meet all customer needs. Client information is stored and shared with others, giving everyone maximum privacy. Financial services offerings at most credit companies include professional advice from employees to help build a good relationship with customers and partners.

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