Payday loans without transferring a penny for verification

Are you looking for payday pay without having to transfer a penny? Check out our article to learn what to look for and where to look for such payday loans!

Payday loans without transferring a penny – what makes these payday loans different?

Payday loans without transferring a penny - what makes these payday loans different?

In the borrowing process, it is a very important step for the lender to verify the customer’s bank account. Sometimes it is a prerequisite that the borrower must meet in order to receive a positive decision to grant payday loans online. What if our account is empty or is occupied by a bailiff? Do you urgently need a loan? See what is characterized by instant pay without transferring a penny. Currently, borrowers have a chance to get financial help without having to make a verification transfer. Instant payments without transferring a penny are available in non-bank companies that use special applications to verify user data on a bank account. Checking the data is very important because it confirms to the loan company that the account given in the form belongs to the borrower. Thanks to this, non-bank companies care for the safety of their clients. When receiving a transfer from the borrower’s account, the financial institution sees information about the sender.

Payday loan is a popular product designed for people who want to get a low loan amount and are able to pay off their liabilities in a short time. The advantage of short-term online loans is that as new customers we have the chance to get the first loan completely for PLN 0. Non-bank companies are also trying to organize competitions and promotions for their regular and new clients. Payday loans without the need to transfer a penny are distinguished by a minimum of formalities, which means that the money on the customer’s bank account goes quickly.

Online payday loans without transferring a penny – where do you get a payday loan without transferring?

Online payday loans without transferring a penny - where do you get a payday loan without transferring?

Online payday loans without transferring a penny can be found in non-bank companies that verify customer accounts using special applications.

The first application that lets us get payday loans online without transferring a penny is Instantor. After completing the loan application, the borrower will be able to choose whether he wants to make a traditional transfer of PLN 0.01 to the lender’s bank account or wants to use the Instantor application. The Instantor service allows express confirmation of the customer’s identity and obtaining the necessary financial data. It works on the principle of screen scraping, i.e. automatically downloading the customer’s credit history. Data is subsequently processed and the system creates a special report that informs the lender of the borrower’s creditworthiness. The process takes place without user intervention. By obtaining the necessary data, non-bank companies give decisions on whether to grant or reject a loan application.

Payday loan without a penny, or payday pay without formalities

A payday loan without a penny means that the formalities are reduced to a minimum. By using one of the applications listed above, which verify the data on the customer’s bank account, in order to compare them to the data we provided in the loan application, we are able to accelerate the process of obtaining a decision to grant or reject a loan application. If you care about time and need money for already, it is worth checking the offers of non-bank companies that offer payday loans without transferring a penny.

Let us remember, however, that during the user registration and borrowing process, loan companies also verify their claimants in the debtors’ databases. If we are people who in the past had problems with paying the financial institution, in this case, look for offers in which we will find payday loans without BIK without transferring a penny. Some lenders grant loans to people in debt. However, these are offers whose process of obtaining them is certainly slightly longer. The lender usually asks for a person who decides to help the borrower and agrees to become his guarantor. In a sense, it is a collateral for a non-bank company if the customer fails to record the loan repayment.

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