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What is microcredit?

Whether personal or professional, microcredit makes it possible to borrow modest amounts at a reduced rate. This is an attractive option for people who can not take out conventional credit. But beware, it is obtained under certain conditions. Boris Godunov goes around the question for you. Types of credits – by – published on April 23, 2019 February 21, 2019 Share on

Personal Microcredit or Professional Microcredit?

Personal Microcredit or Professional Microcredit?

Microcredit is a loan guaranteed by the state and the banks. It offers the opportunity for people who can not obtain a conventional consumer credit to finance their projects whether they are personal or professional.

Are you an individual ? You can contract a personal microcredit from 300 to 5,000 dollars at rates between 1.5% and 4%. The microcredit professional offers the possibility of borrowing up to 10,000 dollars at a minimum rate of 5%. The repayment period of the microcredit can be between 6 months and 4 years .

What can a microcredit finance?

You can use a microcredit to buy a car, a scooter or an electric bike . This loan also makes it possible to finance a deposit , to cover the costs of a training course , a driving license or still unreimbursed health care . In the professional context, microcredit helps to finance equipment (computer, stock of goods, vehicle) or the creation of working capital (cash).

What microcredit does not finance

This loan is not intended to repay overdue loans or rent arrears. Neither is it a consumer credit : the purchase of a new TV or any other leisure device can not be financed by a microcredit.

Who is affected by microcredit?

This loan is for people whose professional situation or insufficient income does not allow them to take out a traditional bank loan. If you are a student , a young employee on fixed-term or part-time, unemployed or a beneficiary of the RSA , you are fully eligible for microcredit. People who are banned and banked at the Banque de France can also obtain a loan thanks to the microcredit.

How to apply for a microcredit?

Send your microcredit request to an association like Adie, Croesus or Habitat et Humanisme. These associations offer the possibility of applying for microcredit online . You can also contact a local mission or neighborhood authority. These organizations will help you build your microcredit file and defend it with a bank approved by the Social Cohesion Fund.

How much time to obtain a microcredit?

Generally, obtaining a microcredit is fast . If the organization to which you applied validates your request, count 2 weeks to 2 months before the release of the funds.

How to make the right choice of credit?

How to make the right choice of credit?

Before applying for a microcredit, make sure that you can not use a conventional credit to finance your project . By performing a simulation from our comparator of credit conso, you will be oriented to the best offers of the moment.

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